I start every day by writing out my goals. I don’t get fancy about it, I just scribble down my dream for my future in a legal pad while sipping my first cup of coffee.

In that same legal pad, I also write down a motivational quote every single morning. I find that jotting down “Be the game changer,” or “Good things come to those who hustle,” or “have courage, and be kind,” really sets the mood for the day.

Every now and then though, my usual arsenal of quotes don’t seem to hit me in the motivational sweet spot, and so I hop over to Pinterest on my iPad for fresh inspiration. I simply type in “motivational quotes” in the search bar, and scroll through the results until I find the one I need. And when I know, I know.

The quote that caught me today?

“If you don’t start today, what makes you think you’ll start tomorrow?”

It’s almost brutal in its simplicity, and unfortunately, exactly what I needed to hear. I say unfortunately, because the second I read it, I was forced to realize just how many things on my to do list I’ve been putting off. Now, to be clear, I’m a busy woman. I haven’t put these things off because I’ve been off watching TV or scrolling through Facebook. They’ve fallen to the back burner behind other projects.

So, I’m not going to beat myself up for not having finished them. Like I said, I feel good about how I spend my time, generally.

However, I am holding up the mirror to myself this morning and asking:

Why have I not even started?

Can I really claim that I don’t have five minutes to jot down ideas for that online course I want to create? Or to send that YA idea I’ve been contemplating to my agent? Or to write a single line in the screenplay idea that I’m supposedly super excited about?

I’ve been falling into the “tomorrow” trap, only to realize … tomorrow too often slips into next year. Or worse, never.

Today, I’m making a public promise:

I will start on one thing I’ve been putting off. I don’t have to finish it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I just have to begin.

What about you?

What will you choose to do today instead of tomorrow?

What are you waiting for?