What happened to eLLf Christmas?

eLLf Christmas

A few of you have asked if I was launching eLLF Christmas again, and after MUCH consideration ...

I've decided not to launch eLLf this year.

(For those not a part of the fun last year, eLLf Christmas was my 12-days of LL Christmas. Each day had a theme and a giveaway, and it was elaborate, and fun ... and a ton of work!)

The decision was a tough thing, because I really loved eLLf, and I wanted to make it work again this year. I probably could have made it work.

Ultimately though, over the past couple weeks, I've taken a a long, hard look at my year, and realized that I need to slow down a bit. Not so much because I've been stressed, but because I've been spending a lot of time doing a whole lot of things, but not making any true, meaningful progress in any direction.

Every morning I pull out my trusty planner and build my To Do list for the day, and I've noticed a disturbing trend: at least a dozen items have been on my list for months. Months! Things I'm truly excited about (hence why they stay on the list instead of getting dropped), but that I've made zero progress on.


Because I'm too busy doing other things. Some of those other things are great and necessary and soul-fulfilling, others not so much, but one thing is clear:

I'm trying to do too much. 

I keep thinking it's because I'm not being efficient with my time, or because I'm not working as quickly as I could, but I've finally accepted it's not that. There are simply only so many hours in a day, and I have to start making some choices on where that time goes. To tackle those passions projects.

Alas, eLLf Christmas was one of the casualties this year.

But, for my fellow Christmas fanatics, all is not lost! I couldn't do nothing for the holiday season, so I did devote a little section of my website to the holidays. Not nearly as robust as eLLf Christmas, but it's still a nod to the sparkle and sass of the season. 

Click on the below button for holiday music recommendations, my favorite Christmas  romance, and more!

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