What I'm Working On: June 5, 2017

If you've followed me at all on social media, you'll know I'm in that "cloud 9" state right now if just having typed The End on another story!

I just turned in An Ex for Christmas to my editor. I haven't talked much about this one, because it's, well summer. And I don't know that the mood's been quite right for my snowy story just yet.

But because I'm still pretty in love with my hero, I have to share a little something! 

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Excerpt for An Ex for Christmas

Available November 7, 2017

(below excerpt is from an early draft and may not be included in the final book as is - or at all) 


“No not that one.”
“What’s wrong with this one?”
I turn around to where Mark stands stubbornly beside a tree that is so not the one.
I take in the seven foot, impressively symmetrical evergreen. “It has no character.” 
Mark crosses his arms, the tree saw dangling just slightly threateningly from his hand. “How do trees have character?”
“You know, quirks. Flaws. Bald spots. I never trust anyone that’s too perfect.”
“I’m perfect.”
I smile at his matter-of-fact tone. “Yes, honey. Maybe that’s why we’ve never dated, you see? You’re too smart, too good-looking, too confident.”
He narrows his eyes, as though trying to gauge my level of sarcasm, and the thing is … it’s sort of true. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before now, but Mark, is well … hot. Like, super hot. As in, when we were seniors in high school, I’d dragged him to the mall so I could get shoes for homecoming, and a modeling scout from Manhattan had practically forced Mark to take her card.
He still gets mad whenever I bring it up, but the truth is he’s even better looking now than he was back then. The jawline’s even more defined, the little chin dimple even more compelling. Add in the slightly crooked smile, intense eyes, and perfect amount of scruff, and well …
He’s far more beautiful than I. 
In lipstick, Spanx, a push-up bra and high heels, I’m a six and a half. 
In his wool coat, scuffed work boots, and cheap jeans, Mark’s a 10. I’ve seen him in a tux once, for his brother’s wedding, and my head nearly exploded. 
Le’s just say it’s a good thing I friend-zoned myself before he had to. 

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