A note from Lauren Layne

I use my newsletter subscriber list to notify people of new book announcements and writing tips.

In the past, I have used Mailchimp, Mailer Lite, Active Campaign, and Squarespace Email Marketing.

As of late 2019, I made the switch to Flodesk. If you use my affiliate link, I get a commission, and you get 50% off.

I recommend Flodesk for the following three reasons:

01. One monthly price, unlimited subscribers

This is a huge selling point for me. Like many people, I was happily chugging along with my FREE Mailchimp account, until all of a sudden I passed that 2,000 threshold, and my monthly bill started increasing like crazy. Same with Mailer Lite. The more your list grows, the more you pay.

Flodesk is different. It charges the same per month no matter how large your list grows. With Flodesk, I pay less than half what I’d be paying with Mailchimp.

02. Branding aware

Most email marketing platforms have only a handful of default fonts to choose from. Flodesk has a ton, including some fun “scripty” ones. They also users to configure brand colors, so that you can match your website or online aesthetic. This may sound like a “who cares,” but the benefit is that you can quickly send emails that have personality and consistency.

03. Their templates are pretty

This may not matter to you. It does to me. I like pretty emails, no matter how many online gurus try to tell me that “text only” emails perform better.

Again, if you’d like to try Flodesk and get 50% off, you can use my affiliate link. While I only recommend products I actually use, I would like to add that Flodesk is not perfect. In the interest of candor, here are a few things I don’t love:

It can be buggy. Because it’s a fairly new company, they’re still working out some kinks, where the drag and drop editor doesn’t work quite as expected, or the page will randomly refresh mid newsletter-build (I’ve never lost any data).

Their embed forms are sort of limited. If you want to embed a sign-up on your website, you can, and they make it really easy. But while you can change colors/fonts, I wish there was more user-control over the style of the form.

You can’t turn off tracking pixels, meaning that Flodesk knows who opened emails and what they clicked on. I know most people think this is a good thing, I’m big into online privacy. I wish Flodesk had the option to turn off tracking pixels so that my subscribers’ privacy was better protected, even from me. As it stands now, my only option is to simply not look at the data (which I don’t), but I’d feel better if I could turn off tracking completely.

Why I Use Flodesk for Email Marketing