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By far, the most popular query in all Lauren Layne inboxes?

"where can I get X book in paperback?"

I have some bad news. In a lot of cases ... you can't.

Many of Lauren's US books are published by Loveswept, a digital-only imprint of Random House. The publisher has no plans to release the below books in paperback. Believe me. I've asked. And though Random House has no intention to release a paperback, they still own the print rights to those books, so I'm not able to publish them on my own. I would if I could, I promise.

Note: because foreign rights are purchased separately from the US rights, in many cases, some of the below books may be available in paperback in other languages. Just not in English. Sorry! Truly.

Only read paperbacks? While you'll miss out on the above stories, Lauren does have several books from other publishers that are in print!

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The below books are not available in paperback

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