Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find {book title} in paperback?

Many of Lauren Layne books were published by a digital-only imprint of Penguin Random House and are not available in paperback. All books available in print are listed here.

Why are your books priced differently? Are the less expensive books shorter?

Book prices are determined entirely by my publisher. As far as why they’re different, I have multiple publishers, each with a different pricing strategy. I’m not included in any of the pricing discussions, and don’t get any input. I can tell you that word count is not a factor. Some of my longer books are less expensive than my shorter books, and that’s just fine by me. Contrary to popular belief, a longer book is not inherently worth more simply because it’s longer. Sometimes a magic of the story is the words that weren’t said, as much as the words that were. Example: imagine a longer book that you find yourself skimming because it dragged vs. a shorter book you couldn’t put down. Which did you enjoy more?

Will Marc and Elena from new York’s Finest be getting their own story?

Sadly, no. New York’s Finest was sold as a three-book series with the option to expand to a fourth and fifth book with the remaining siblings. Alas, the publisher wasn’t enthusiastic about extending the series, and so much time has passed, I confess I don’t know I could do those stories justice publishing them on my own.

I’m not in the US. How do I know which of your books are available in my country/language?

I truly wish the answer to this question was simpler! The odd truth is that we authors aren’t always notified when one of our books is translated into another language, or becomes available in a particular country. Most of the time, I don’t learn a particular book has been translated or released in France, Brazil, Australia, etc, until a reader from that area tags me in social media, and I get to see the cover for the first time. Usually I don’t even know which book it is, because the titles are rarely a direct translation from the English version! Weird, right? While I really wish I had the ability to create a comprehensive list of my international books, with the exception of my UK publisher (who’s great about keeping me notified!), most of the time, the best way to find out what’s available near you is to check your local version of Amazon, Apple Books, etc.

Do you have any advice or tips for Aspring writers?

Yes, lots! In fact, I have a full website dedicated to it! Check out Stories and Stilettos for writing tips and tools!

Why can’t I find Hot Asset, Hard Sell, or Huge Deal in iBooks/Nook?

The 21 Wall Street is published by Montlake, an imprint of Amazon Publishing. As such, the e-book format is exclusive to Kindle.

How can I get an ARC/early copy of your book?

ARCs are distributed by my various publishers, usually via NetGalley. I don’t get a say in who gets the books, or how many copies are distributed. Your best bet is to request via NetGalley, but please be prepared that not every request gets accepted! There is usually a cap on how many free books are distributed, and it varies by book/publisher.

I have a great book idea—can I send it to you to write?

Noooooo! Please don’t. Not only do I have more than enough of my own ideas to contend with, but I firmly believe the best person to write a particular story idea is the one who came up with it!

Where/how can I get a signed book?

All of my book signings are listed here. I’m also working on figuring out how to make signed books available online, but I’m not quite there yet!

Why can’t I find you on Facebook?

I left Facebook in May 2018 because it didn’t contribute to my values and goals. I’ve been happier, healthier, and more productive since getting off Facebook, and have no plans to return. You can still find me on Instagram though! If you’re not a ‘grammer, my newsletter is the best place to stay up to date.