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Runaway Groom


A Bachelor-inspired romance! Hollywood's favorite playboy loses a bet, and ends up as the star of a new reality TV show about notorious runaway grooms. Gage Barrett wants nothing more than to get out of the show with as little drama as possible.

But he's not counting on Ellie ... the one woman who doesn't want to be there.

And the one woman he doesn't want to let leave ...




a note from the author:

I love the colors of the Runaway Groom cover. So much. The whole tie over the shoulder thing works so well, as does the gorgeous wedding-vibe.

That said, I can't resist the author intrusion note that my vision of Gage and Ellie don't look like the models on the cover.

They look like this ...

That is all.

Runaway Groom by Lauren Layne


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