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To report a typo

If you've found a typo in one of Lauren's books ... ugh. We hate that. But there's not much we can do once it's published, as Lauren is not a self-published author. If it really bothers you, you're welcome to contact the publisher of that book, as they are responsible for all copyediting/proofreading, and book updates.

If you've found a typo on this website or Lauren's blog, that we can fix! Send us an email at

To report A Site ISsue

Did you encounter a broken link, or something that's not working right on this website? We absolutely want to know! Please send us an email at with as much detail as you can provide on the issue.

To complain about something in one of Lauren's books

a note from Lauren Layne:

Hey guys! So, here's my stance on the reader/author relationship. You are, of course, allowed to not like my books. You are allowed to write a scathing review about the book if critical reviews are your jam.

You are allowed to take issue with my language, sexual content in my books, my handling of a particular issue, or my decision over a particular character or plot twist.

You are allowed to think I'm a crappy writer, or to dislike a certain aspect of one of my books. You're allowed to talk to your friends about it.

But I don't need to know about your complaint.

Telling an author you don't like something about her book (or tagging an author in a negative review) is akin to walking up to someone in the grocery store and telling her you don't like her outfit.

It's rude. It's unnecessary.

To those of you rolling your eyes thinking, "ugh, this author's not open to feedback." I am. From my editor, my agent, and my beta-readers, during the drafting process when I can actually do something with the feedback. Once a book is published, there's nothing I can (or want) to do to change that book, thus the "feedback" simply becomes criticism, that quite honestly? Hurts my feelings.

I know it's frustrating to read something you simply don't like, but that's part of what being a reader is all about. You're not going to like every book, or every author. And that's okay! There are so many other books and authors out there that might be a better fit for you, and I suggest that finding those books you do like will bring you more joy than criticizing down books you don't like.

If you insist on sending an email anyway under the illusion that you're providing "constructive criticism," go for it. Just know that all messages are filtered through the LL team, and needlessly negative messages will not reach me.

General Feedback & Questions

Same rules apply as above. If you've got a issue with one of my audiobook narrators, one of my book covers, one of my blog posts, my decision to not continue with X series, or to write Y book before getting around to Z book. Okay.

You know what you'll achieve by telling me about that issue? Ruining my day. That's it. That's all the good it'll do.

Got something nice to say? I Heart. You.

Love notes are always welcome to

"You will never regret being kind."

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