Hello, fellow authors!

Don’t we have the best job in the world?

Cross-Promo Opportunities


First things first, if you’re here to ask me to participate in a Facebook party, I’m going to let you down gently, and upfront.

No. I cannot be a part your Facebook party.

It’s not personal! But I haven’t been active on Facebook since May 2018, so I can’t join release day parties, do group takeovers, host a giveaway of your book, or do anything that requires involves the Facebook platform.


See above. I quit Twitter the same time I did Facebook.


Now we’re talking! Instagram, I love. I can’t promise availability, but if you’ve got an Instagram collaboration in mind, please email my fabulous assistant (Lisa): contact@laurenlayne.com

To request a cover quote or endorsement

Due to high demand, I’m not currently available for cover quotes/blurbs/book endorsements that don’t come from my publishers/agent. I truly hate having to say no, but in the past year or so I’ve gone from getting one request every month or so, to getting several per week. I’m at max capacity!

Got something else in mind, or just want to get in touch? I love hearing from fellow writers! Please feel free to email me: