The moment you realize how important time is, everything will change.
— unknown

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be an author. I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally be living my dream, and am lucky enough to be able to publish several books a year.

Given my demanding writing schedule and my commitment to spending my non-working time with my family, I’ve come to appreciate what a precious resource time is. I don’t believe in cramming in “as much as possible” in the name of time-management.

I do believe in long lunches, the joy of a glass of just because wine on a delicious afternoon. I believe that we authors can be grateful for our readers without having to be available to everyone, all the time.

As such, I do not have a general purpose inbox, and I genuinely appreciate your understanding in that. I’ve listed ways my team can be reached below.

Reader Questions

While I’m no longer able to answer reader questions directly, I do update my FAQ page on a monthly basis!

Film & Foreign Rights

Queries about the rights and translations of my books should be addressed to Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency.

Interview & Speaking Requests

To request an interview or hire me to speak at an event, please contact my publicists using the below email address. Please note that I cannot participate in Facebook parties or groups, and do not accept sponsored or guest content on my blog.

Cover Quote / Blurb Requests

I love to support other authors, and have always done my best to say yes to requests for cover quotes. However, due to increased demand (and a backlog in the double-digits!), I now limit quote requests to those coming from my editors and agent.

Connect with Lauren

The best way to get updates on my writing life, recent book news, and behind-the scenes is my newsletter. I also post regularly to Instagram.

I’m am not personally active on Facebook or Twitter, (I know, scandalous!) but if Facebook is your jam, there is a fantastic Lauren Layne reader group where my assistant and superfans convene to discuss the latest news.

Just looking for book updates? Follow me on Amazon or BookBub to get emailed whenever I release a new book.