Lauren Layne
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Hi, I'm Lauren Layne!

And I believe that happiness is underrated.

In 2011, armed with an unpublished romance manuscript and a daydream, I left my hometown, cushy corporate gig, and steady paycheck behind to pursue my vision of the perfect life:

Living as a full-time romance author in NYC.

As you can imagine, The Plan was met with skepticism from just about everybody. One simply did not ditch a reliable 401k plan in favor of a bunch of credit card debt based on a daydream and an unpublished romance novel simply because they wanted to be happy. Or so I was told. Everywhere I looked, people around me were dreading Monday mornings, just as I was, but they shrugged and said, "Sure, but that's life."

I said: Not my life. Not anymore. I want more. I want to be happy.

Seven years later, I've published 25 books, sold over a million copies in ten languages. I live in Manhattan with my husband, drink champagnes on random Tuesdays, and am more financially secure than ever.

All because I made being happy—truly soul happy—a top priority.

In addition to being an author, I'm also an outspoken advocate for others choosing their happy path, whether it's something as gutsy as taking a leap on a new career direction, something as "every day" as using your wedding china just because, or reading that "fluffy" book with the happy ending simply because it makes you feel good.

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