Lauren Layne is not personally active on goodreads.

But if you are a goodreads user, you're absolutely welcome and encouraged to add Lauren Layne books to your shelves!

A quick note form Lauren layne

Please, please don't be offended if you send me a friend request or message on goodreads that goes unanswered!

It's not personal—it's because I literally only log-on to goodreads once a year (or less!) to update my bio and make sure my book listings are accurate.

It's a time thing, mostly. I think goodreads is a fabulous platform for connecting people passionate about books, and I'm thrilled that it exists. 

But I find that that I'm happiest, and most effective when I focus my time and energy on a few platforms I do really well, rather than trying to do all the platforms not very well at all.

Platforms I love and am good at:


Platforms where I rely on my amazing readers and fans to help spread the Lauren Layne word:

Goodreads. Facebook. Twitter.