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Some of you really like your romance explicit. Others of you really don't.

And I completely understand both sides, which is why: I wrote both types of romance! While I got my start in steamy romance, and many of my upcoming books are quite hot, I also sometimes crave a story that's all about the looks and the hand-touches (I see you, Mr. Darcy fans!), and the build-up to that magical first kiss in the final chapter. So I write both!

But I also know how it can be when you're craving a certain type of read, and get something else entirely, so I've created this page to ensure nobody is misled!


or spicy?

Super Steamy


Sort of Steamy


PG Romance



These lack the explicit details of the above, but aren't quite PG either...

Central Park Pact



The below books are on the sweeter side, perfect if you love your romance novels with a focus on sexual tension and longing rather than the "in detail" account of their intimate times.