Meet the Laynes.

Lauren Layne

hey, I’m LL!

For as long as I can remember, my dream job has been telling stories—love stories. I’m pretty outspoken in my defense of romance novels! I am so over books with sex or romance being dismissed as "trash." We can be smart, informed women and still appreciate reading a happy ending! None of this guilty pleasure nonsense. There is nothing guilty about pleasure! 

Anthony LeDonne

husband & high-school sweetheart

People always ask me if my real life is inspiration for my books. Nope. Because nothing I write can compete with my real life romance to Anthony LeDonne! We’ve been dating since we were seventeen, and married since twenty-three. He brings me coffee in bed every single morning, before getting to work building his empire as a comedian, actor, and cookbook author.


the marketing manager

Bailey is an orange-sable Pomeranian who’s about three-times the proper size for her breed, and has an enormous personality to match. Mr. Layne and I have never been on the baby-train (the maternal urge missed me!), which means this energetic fur-offspring has a surplus of love to absorb!