this website.

My website was designed by … me.

Although writing is my first love, I have a background in web marketing and e-commerce, and even after I quit my job to write full-time, I found myself missing the art of the website! I was further troubled by the general state of author websites; even huge, mega-bestselling authors had websites that were unprofessional, old-fashioned, in blatant violation of web best practices, or just plain ugly.

So I started a side hustle. My husband and I co-own Last Word Designs, a luxury design studio for writers who believe the caliber of their online presence should match the caliber of their writing.

I’m forever refreshing my own website, using it to play around with fresh designs. Currently, I’m in a major minimalist stage of my life. I’ve cleared all the clutter out of my home, brain, and yes, my website. I’ve been craving white space and simplicity. But if this is too “plain” for your tastes, be sure to take a look at our full portfolio! The websites of Jill Shalvis, Rachel Van Dyken, Audrey Carlan, Regina Kyle, and Christina Elle are some of my favorites.

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