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New York City Romance

“Layne’s vision of Manhattan is escapist and aspirational." —Publishers Weekly

If you're looking for books set in the gritty underbelly of New York City, you won't find much of that that in my books. 

I write the sort of books that I like to read, stories that lean more towards fantasy than realism. That's not to say my characters don't experience real-world problems. It's just that many of the handbags are designer, the suits bespoke, and my characters are no strangers to the penthouse!

I enjoy escaping to a world that's just a little bit more sparkling and luxurious than real life. If you do as well, you're in the right place!

Named a Best Rom-Com by Cosmopolitan, TheSkimm, USA TODAY, and Country Living


And every time, he seems to sense my gaze, because his eyes find mine. The moments of eye contact are brief—a few seconds at most.

The butterflies in my stomach last much, much longer.

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Violet didn’t turn her head, just cut her gaze his way. “Are we going to talk about that kiss, or ignore it like we did the last one?”

He tipped the bottle up to his lips, smiling. But he said nothing.

An Amazon & Apple Best Book of the Month

“Sexy, witty and adorably romantic!” —USA TODAY


But the feeling I get when my skin touches his is anything but routine. It’s...electric isn’t quite the right word; that’s too sharp.

It just feels...pivotal.

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The queen of contemporary New York City Romance."

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A Second-Chance Romance (short story)

An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

A Neighbors & Friends-to-More Romance

A "He Loved Her All Along" Romance


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"Reads like the sort of rom-com you wish Hollywood still made." —Apple Books


He swallows and eases even closer, his gaze leaving mine to drop to my lips.
His eyes close, his expression as tortured as I feel. “Damn it, Charlotte,” he says on a breath, his voice rough.

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