Series Reading Order

I’m using the word “series” because it’s an industry standard way of describing interconnected books. However I think of the below groupings as “worlds” rather than serials. There are overlapping characters, settings, and friend groups, but each book features the story of a unique couple falling in love, and are meant to be enjoyed without having to read the full series.

That said, I know plenty of readers prefer to read a set of stories in chronological order. I totally respect that, and created this page just for you.

Central Park Pact

  1. Passion on Park Avenue
  2. Love on Lexington Avenue
  3. Marriage on Madison Avenue

Stiletto & Oxford

  1. After the Kiss
  2. Love the One You’re With
  3. Just One Night
  4. The Trouble With Love
  5. Irresistibly Yours
  6. I Wish You Were Mine
  7. Someone Like You
  8. I Knew You Were Trouble
  9. I Think I Love You

Man of the Year

  1. Yours in Scandal
  2. Yours to Keep
  3. Yours for Always

21 Wall Street

  1. Hot Asset
  2. Hard Sell
  3. Huge Deal

The Wedding Belles

  1. From This Day Forward (novella)
  2. To Have and to Hold
  3. For Better or Worse
  4. To Love and to Cherish

I Do, I Don’t

  1. Ready to Run
  2. Runaway Groom

New York’s Finest

  1. Frisk Me
  2. Steal Me
  3. Cuff Me


  1. Isn’t She Lovely
  2. Broken
  3. Crushed

Best Mistake

  1. Only With You
  2. Made for You