Life by Design | Holiday Edition | 2018-19

Life by Design | Holiday Edition | 2018-19

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Due to popular demand, I’ve resurrected my Life by Design workbook for the holiday season, and it’s better than ever! I’ve completely overhauled the entire workbook. It’s nearly twice as long as last year, complete with more prompts, more Lauren Layne commentary, and more holidazzle!

“Wait, so why would I want this?”

This is meant for:

  • Anyone who wants to do some to do some sort of end-of-year reflection, but doesn’t know where to start

  • Those of you who find that jotting down a couple of New Year’s Resolutions just doesn’t work, and are craving a more thoughtful process

  • Anyone who’s got a nagging sense that they’re merely existing rather than living—or for anyone anyone who has the nagging suspicion that their life can be more.

“What will I actually get?”

A digital download for a 72-page PDF stuffed with prompts for reflecting on 2018, dreaming and goal-setting for 2019, guidance for developing your 2019 theme, as well as a few 1-page printable templates for breaking your goals into actionable tasks.

There’s also quite a bit of insight into my back story, how I use this workbook, how I felt about 2018, as well as an extra-long section discussing why annual themes have been the single-biggest game changer for my success and happiness.

“So it’s not a physical product?”

Nope, this is a digital download only.

There are three ways to use the 2019 Life by Design Workbook:

  1. Print it. Though, you should know it’s long. 72 pages *

  2. Fill it out with a tablet & stylus, for example an iPad w/ the Apple Pencil **

  3. View the document electronically, but answer the prompts in a journal/notebook/electronic document of your choice (recommended for the thrifty)

Unlike last year, you will NOT be able to fill out the answers in the PDF itself.

* If you want to print it, but are wary of the page length, I’d recommend printing pages 11-48. You’ll get all of the goal-setting worksheets, and can reference everything else electronically.

** Requires a stylus-compatible app, such as Procreate or GoodNotes. I do not offer support on stylus/tablet functionality. If you want to go this route, you should already be “in the know” about how to use the Apple Pencil with a PDF document! 😬 

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For those of you who purchased the 2017-18 version … As a THANK YOU for having faith in me in that first year, I’m offering you this version for free (no promises that I’ll have the same deal next year, fair warning!!)

The bad news? Because I switched website platforms this year, and didn’t, um, think it through, I no longer have access to customer information for who bought it last year. I’m so sorry for the total short-sighted-ness on my part!

But. If you have your receipt/email confirmation from last year, forward it to, and I’ll be happy to send you the new version!

Don’t have that initial email? Honor system time! Send an email to telling me some detail, highlight, etc, that convinces me that you bought the previous version.

Please don’t be a jerk. Please don’t try to “fake” having paid for last year’s workbook. I work really hard on this. It takes me many weeks to get just right. It takes me way more cumulative time to put this workbook together (and a lot more vulnerability) than it does even to write one of my novels.

Life by Design is dear to my heart. It’s the result of years of experimentation, and commitment to perfecting lifestyle design. I deserve to get paid for it.