Novel Storyboard

Novel Storyboard


Ever wonder how a published author actually plans out her scenes?

Here it is! The Lauren Layne Storyboard is a 5-page storyboard spread that can be printed and completed by hand (recommended), or completed digitally with your preferred PDF editor.

"Okay, but what is a storyboard?"

A storyboard is a visual representation of your novel, frame-by-frame (or scene-by-scene, if you prefer). 

A storyboard can be simple as a bunch of index cards pinned to a bullet-board, but this one has a little extra something special:

I've also included scene-prompts inspired by my take on Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, for both the hero's outer journey (plot), and inner journey (character development). 

Of all my writing tools, this one is perhaps my favorite. Not only does it help me plan out a book before I get started, it's also invaluable for the editing process. Whenever I worry my story's not going anywhere (or is going the wrong direction!) I can plug my already-written scenes into this format and immediately see which of the crucial scenes/elements I'm missing, so I can right the ship.

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What you get

  • A welcome letter from Lauren Layne, with an explanation of how the storyboard is laid out, plus suggestions on how to best make use of it (from my own experiences!) 
  • A "for print" PDF version to be printed and completed by hand
  • A"digital" PDF intended to be filled out electrically using your preferred PDF editor