Writing Template: Character Snapshot

Writing Template: Character Snapshot


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You know how when you first start a brand new story, every character detail is so clear?

But then by chapter three, the details start to become a little hazy, especially if you’ve taken a break from the story.

Were your hero’s eyes blue-silver, or aqua-blue? Was your heroine’s hair dark brown, or mousy brown? Was the nosy neighbor across the street in her late-sixties, or early-eighties? Did the heroine attend college at University of Michigan, or Michigan State? Is the annoying younger brother Brent or Brett?

This 1-page printable Character Snapshot ensures you’ll always have the crucial details at hand for your protagonists and/or secondary characters!

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The fine print

  • This template is meant to be printed. You will not be able to fill it out electronically unless you have an Apple Pencil + iPad (or Android equivalent), and software compatible for marking up a PDF.

  • You can print this out as many times as you need, but please make sure you download the file locally to your computer for reuse, as the download link expires after 24 hours.

  • While this template is a free downloadable gift, please do not redistribute or repurpose in any way. I work hard at creating my writing templates, and they’re the result of years worth of publishing and writing experience. Please, be kind.