Writing Template: Novel Storyboard

Writing Template: Novel Storyboard


‼️ If you’re a romance author, you are most definitely welcome to use this template, but you may prefer the Romance Blueprint, which incorporates a lot of the ideas incorporated in the storyboard, but is specific to the romance genre!

The Novel Storyboard

With thirty-or-so books under my belt, I proudly admit:

I am a planner.

I outline almost every single one of my books, and believe that my books tend to be stronger when I take the time to map out the ups and downs of my plot development, as well as to understand what’s driving my characters.

How do I do that? It all starts with this template. My storyboard.

Storyboards are traditionally associated with screenwriting, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re fabulous for planning a novel as well. There’s something about forcing yourself to break down your story into “at a glance” scene descriptions that allows you to identify slow points, cut out the boring bits, and ensure you have a compelling page turner.

Loosely inspired by Joseph Campbell’s hero journey, as well as my own discovery on how to make a contemporary romance interesting for 20+ chapters, this is the actual storyboard I fill out for every single one of my books.

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This product includes:

  1. An 11-page letter and how-to guide from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne with tips on how to get the most out of your storyboard.

  2. A printable storyboard template including hero’s journey prompts (both plot and character development) for 20 scenes, plus a blank storyboard to accommodate 45 scenes. An unnumbered page is also included for out-of-order scenes, or for stories beyond 45 scenes.

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The fine print

  • This template is meant to be printed. You will not be able to fill it out electronically unless you have an Apple Pencil + iPad (or Android equivalent), and software compatible for marking up a PDF.

  • You can print this out as many times as you need, but please make sure you download the file locally to your computer for reuse, as the download link expires after 24 hours.

  • Please do not redistribute or repurpose this template in any way. I work hard at creating my writing templates, and they’re the result of years worth of publishing and writing experience. Please, be kind.