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I've actually designed dozens of custom websites myself. Mostly on Squarespace, but a couple on Showit (the platform this site is built on). But for my own website? I used a template designed by someone else! I've had my eye on Saffron Avenue's Jardin for ages. I've just never seen anything like it, and strange as it sounds, the design felt more Lauren Layne than anything Lauren Layne could create on her own ;-) Sometimes you just see something that feels like it was meant just-for-you, and that was the case with Jardin.

Everything from the purchase process to the thoughtful design of so many pages was top notch. I highly recommend everything Angela creates. (I also used one of her semi-customizable brand kits!)

Why I chose a template from Saffron Avenue

take a peek!

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Creative Market

I am obsessed with the hand-written logo Angela created for me!


Semi Custom Brand




My go-to resource for fonts, templates, and all the things to make Insta pretty.

The drag and drop platform that this website is built on!