Break Down of Lauren's Online Presence

The LL Weekly (newsletter)

Want to know when Lauren has a new book announcement, a new signing, or just what she had for breakfast? The LL Weekly is the best source for all things Lauren Layne. Sent every Thursday, direct to your inbox.


LL has always made zero apologies for prioritizing her writing over social media, but there's a recent exception: she's an Instagram addict. By far the most reliable social media platform for updates from LL herself.

This Website 

Lauren's pretty proud of this website. It's updated frequently, and is the absolute best place to find release dates, life-updates as well as behind-the-scenes book news.


Got a question or comment? Email, and your message will be filtered appropriately.

Please note that due to back-to-back deadlines, LL is not able to respond to every email personally, especially on questions about release dates, or questions that she's already addressed in The Weekly or on the blog.

Also, please note that critical or negative emails will not be forwarded on to Lauren, so you can save your fingers the typing effort :) 


Ah, Facebook. Lauren's official author page is a great place to stay up to date on the latest releases, exclusive teasers, and giveaways. However, keep in mind that Facebook's ever-changing algorithms means that every post is not shown to every follower, so if you rely only on Facebook, you're likely to miss some of the good stuff! The LL Facebook page is managed mainly by LL team members.

Please note that Lauren does not have a personal Facebook profile, and can't accept friend requests or join groups.


Another one that's managed mainly by the LL Team. You'll always be able to learn about the latest releases, links to new Instagram posts, and the odd LL-obsession, but Lauren is by no means a Twitter-fiend.


LL is new to Pinterest, but man is it fun! The absolute best place to discover her inspiration for characters, settings, as well as lots of cute shoe pics.


Not gonna lie to you guys. Lauren doesn't spend any time on GoodReads. She thinks it's an awesome reader community and has nothing but love for the platform. However, she's learned the hard way that she does her best writing when she avoids reviews altogether, so GoodReads just isn't her jam at this time.