Steamy Romance

For those who like their romantic comedies on the sultry side.

The below books are recommended for readers 18+.

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5am. The end of her night. The start of his day. The beginning of forever...

Lauren Layne's all-time bestselling story.

Multiple-time USA TODAY bestseller.

When hate-at-first-sight wasn't actually "hate" at all...

Childhood love gets a grown-up second chance.

Escape somewhere tropical...

One of Lauren Layne's personal favorites.

For those who prefer to read the old-fashioned way...

Steamy Paperbacks

21 Wall Street

Meet Manhattan's favorite bachelors: they're rich, charming, and look really good in a suit—and they know it. What they don't know? Three extraordinary women are about to tempt them off the market and turn them into one-woman men.


Fake relationship.

Secret, forbidden love.

The newest "Wolves" of Wall Street.

The NYPD was their legacy. Their destiny? Three women that would turn their lives upside down.

A hero cop and the reporter determined to bring him down.

Cop rule #1: Never fall for your star witness.

An Amazon Best Romance of of the Year

Starred Reviews from Publishers Weekly.

New York's Finest