Stiletto & Oxford Reading Order

(and addressing the pesky question of whether it's one series or two!) 


The Stiletto and Oxford books are technically two series, and the publisher of that series defines them as such. 

However ... I myself think of it as one series. Stiletto came first, envisioned as three-book series. A fourth book Stiletto book was later added, which spawned a 3-book spin-off series (Oxford). Which then led to two more Oxford books.

Together that makes 9 books, all set in the same world (the characters are all work together), and it's worth noting that out of the 9 books, 7 of them feature Oxford heroes, even two of the ones labeled "Stiletto." Thus ... it's really more one big series than two separate ones! 

They're all stand-alones, and can be read in any order, but I know plenty of you prefer to read them in proper order. I'm one of those readers myself ;-) 

  1. After the Kiss
  2. Love the One You're With
  3. Just One Night
  4. The Trouble With Love
  5. Irresistibly Yours
  6. I Wish You Were Mine
  7. Someone Like You
  8. I Knew You Were Trouble
  9. I Think I Love You


The full series

note: The first four Stiletto books got new covers in the Summer of 2017 to better complement the Oxford covers, but the book content is the same as what was released in 2013-2014