Lauren Layne Street Team Application

*** Currently Closed to New Applicants***


Applications Open from 12 /1/15 - 12/11/15.

Lauren Layne is looking for ten darlings to help spread the word on all things Lauren Layne. 


Application (open 12/1 - 12/11)

The Essentials
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Full Name
Tell Me About Yourself!
Tell us a little bit about you ... who you are, where you live, what makes you completely amazing (and you ARE amazing, I can totally tell!)
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About Why LL Needs YOU on her team ...
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Please list some of your other favorite authors (other than LL of course!) If you're on any other street-teams, this is the place to mention it!
Please provide any links to previously-written reviews on LL books. If you're a reviewing superstar, no need to post more than 5 ... you done good, kid)
Why do you MOST want to be an LL street team member? *
Yes, you do have to pick "just one," but there is no one right answer! We're looking for a diverse street-team with people motivated for all sorts of reasons!
For Fun ...
What should we call the street team?
This street team's gonna need a name! Which is your favorite?
"Dear LL, all your street team name ideas suck, here's a better one ..."
Here's your chance to tell LL anything you want that may not have been addressed above. Anything. Anything at all. About how you like her shiny hair, or how you're secretly a ninja, or some extra fabulous reason why you should be on the team.

* Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Others are optional, but strongly encouraged! :) 

Thanks SO MUCH for your interest!!!

Team members will be announced on January 1, 2016. And yes, that's a long way off, but LL needs plenty of time to personally review each application! In the mean time, distract yourself with the fact that SANTA IS COMING.