Considering applying for Lauren Layne's Street Team, but want to know a little bit more about what you're getting yourself into?

 Read on!


What will the street team members do?

Street team members will be called on for all sorts of random, but core responsibilities will include ...

  • Write reviews for Lauren Layne books and encourage others to do the same.
  • Share LL updates on social media (and in real life)!
  • Pass out LL swag
  • Perusing the inter-webs for LL type goodness (images, articles, etc) 
  • Be available for Lauren to bounce any crazy ideas off of

What will the street team members get?

In return for all your awesome efforts, you'll get ...

  • Access to all LL ARCS
  • Street-Team exclusive goodies/give-aways
  • Direct access to Lauren Layne and permission to ask ALL the questions

Why only 10?

The smaller the group, the easier to ensure everyone can get ARCs and goodies :-) 

What are you looking for?

No crazies, please. LL is all for enthusiasm, but positive-attitude is a must. No "challenging" those who don't like LL's books, no badgering people about bad reviews, etc. 

Well-rounded. Yes LL is all about the books and all about the romance, but LL is also all about the lifestyle! Love of reading and the romance genre is important, but bonus if you're willing to pursue other interests (yummy recipes, wine/cocktail recommendations, beauty products, fitness tips, etc). 

Understanding and genuine excitement for what Lauren Layne is all about (sexy romantic comedies and finding ways to add a little bit of sparkle into every-day life). Bluntly put, those only in it for the free stuff need not apply. Yes, there will be plenty of freebies, but you'll enjoy the process so much for if your heart's in it!