Did you know ...

That Lauren Layne has her own web design company?!

Long before Lauren first wrote her first book, she had a career in e-commerce and web marketing. And although writing is absolutely her first love, she still geeks out on a good website!

After seeing one too many outdated author website, LL and her husband decided to take matters into their own hands, and Last Word Designs was born!

Their aim? Professional, modern, easy-to-navigate website designs (like the one you're on now!), specifically built around the needs of authors. In addition to looking great, all LWD sites are built on the Squarespace platform, ensuring that non-techies can keep the site current and updated without needing to know a lick of code.

While Last Word Designs' core customer is the professional writer, LWD absolutely accepts other clients as well, especially ones connected to the publishing industry (small publishers, book blogs, etc).