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Life by Design Workbook

Your Best Year Yet

What you get:

- A 46-page workbook with prompts, inspiration, and reflection questions to help you review 2017 AND plan for 2018

- Access to my Facebook group where I talk about my goals, and we can discuss Big Life Stuff in a safe place and hold each other accountable!

- This is not a 2018 planner--it's a review session for 2017, and a goal-setting workbook for 2018!

- Why is a digital product so much money? Because it's been YEARS in the making, HOURS AND HOURS in the creating, and it's truly my "secret sauce" for every ounce of my success and creativity. If you invest in a goal-setting program, you're more likely to invest in yourself and your goals!

Five years ago, my life looked very different. I worked in a cubicle. I hated Monday mornings. Money was tight. So were my pants. Entire months passed without any sort of plan or purpose, and before I knew it, years had passed, and I began wondering ...

Is this it? Is this life?

Or is there more?

Spoiler alert: there is more.

I'm now living my childhood dream as life as a full-time author. I live in the middle of New York City, in an apartment I love, a husband and Pomeranian I love even more. I never stress about money, I'm far fitter at 34 than I was at 24. I fit into my high school clothes. 

Most importantly? I'm happy. Soul happy.

How? It all started back in 2011 when I decided for the first time ever to do a year-end review and goal-setting session. What started out as a wobbly couple of steps towards a better life has turned into an entire system. 

The Life by Design is years worth of my trial-and-error for my annual year-end review/year-ahead planning session.

Forty-six pages of motivation, prompts and big questions. Note that this is NOT a 2018 planner, but a workbook for reviewing 2017 and goal-setting for 2018.