Believe me, nobody wants to see the Stiletto and Oxford series, Blurred Lines, Runaway Groom, etc, in paperback as much as I do! Alas. Contractually, Penguin Random House owns the print rights to those books. That means they get to decide whether or not they're available in paperback. They've decided no.


Why can't I find some of your books in paperback?

I have no plans to write spin-offs or continuations. Honestly, I don't enjoy reading sequels, and I've found I can't write well what I don't enjoy as a reader. Also, stories require tension and conflict; to write a good story, I'd have to reintroduce conflict for couples I've already sent off to happily-ever-after. I can't get excited about that.


Will you ever write a sequel for...

Sadly, I don’t think those are happening. The publisher opted not to continue the series, and too many years have passed for me to remember the details to properly continue them via self-publishing. If I do write them, they would likely be as part of a bodyguard spinoff series.


What about Marco & Elena's stories?

ARCs for my previous novels were distributed at the discretion of my publisher. Now that I'm self-publishing, I don't have plans to distribute review copies.


How can I get an ARC?

It's not popular advice, but...just write the book. And finish it. That is very important, push through to the end. I have been where you are! Wanting desperately to write a book, and scouring the Internet for tips to make it easier. But I can assure you that nothing taught me as much about writing a book as...actually writing a book. And then repeating the process over and over.


I want to write a book. Any advice?

Look. Some of my books are written in third person. Some in first person. Some are heroine only POV, some are alternating. Some are quite steamy. Some are completely sweet and chaste. I know some of you have very strong reading preferences, and I respect that, but I can't possibly please everyone with every book. I write to tell the best story I can, the best way I know how.


I wish you'd write more books like...

Because I believe that books are art, and art has value. I believe that the worth of a book has more to do with the content of the story than the paper it was printed on. I believe that you're paying an author not only for the months she spent perfecting that book, but the years she spent honing her craft. I'm also not keen on the trend towards "cheap books." I don't think it's right that a new release novel in any form should cost less than a caramel macchiato.


Why are some of your ebooks so expensive?

Sigh. Hell if I know! When I can write a version of it that's actually good (five drafts so far, all bunk), it'll be in your hands!


Where is Jarod's book?!