Lauren Layne

Hi, I'm Lauren Layne!

I'm a USA TODAY and New York Times bestselling author of sexy romantic comedies. 

Yep, that means I write romance novels, but if you're about to use the words "Fabio" or "bodice-rippers," you're, oh, how do I put this ... totally behind the times. 

The 80s are over, and so are your grandmother's romance novels. My books are sexy, yes, but they're also smart and fun, just like your favorite rom-com movie. 

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Newest Release  

Walk of Shame

The city's hottest cold war ...

Standalone novel - not part of a series.


June 13, 2017

I Knew You Were Trouble

Coworkers. Enemies ... Roommates? 

An Oxford Novel.


Aug 22, 2017

Ready to Run

The Bachelor meets Runaway Bride.

An I Do, I Don't series.


Nov 5, 2017

An Ex for Christmas

Friends-to-lovers. Holiday style.

Standalone novel - not part of a series..