Best Mistake

The Duet

The Original Lauren Layne Series!


A contemporary romance duo about two Seattle-area sisters who have nothing in common except a pesky tendency to fall for a guy who's so wrong, he may just be perfectly right...

  • These books are steamy, with adult language.
  • They're written in alternating, third-person POV.
  • Each one can be read as a standalone, though it's recommended to read in order, as they do build on one another.
  • These are my first ever books. My writing has changed a little since then, but they're still fun and romantic!

Behind the Scenes

To get super real for a moment, I never quite know how to talk about these very, very early books. I have no doubt that they're very different than the books I'm writing now. How could my first attempt at something not be different from my fortieth attempt?

For that matter, I notice huge changes in my writing from books I wrote just two years ago, much less ten!

But are the books worse? I'd like to call them different. They were the best books I could write at a time, and they were the books that captured my agent's attention and got multiple book offers, so damn it, I'm proud of them! 

They will never not be near and dear to my heart, because they're also the first and only books I've ever written before I arrived in New York City, and got bewitched by Manhattan. These are set in my hometown of Seattle, with Made for You actually being set in the suburbs of Issaquah, where I lived for many years!

Here's what I can tell you about these stories: they're damn heartfelt, and old as it is, Made for You remains one of my favorite books I've ever written. I still remember ever word of "the bathroom scene" (not as gross as it sounds) and think of it often.