Man of the Year

The Series

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I'm calling this a duet instead of a series, because it's only two books and because they're less connected than other series!

The heroes in each of these books is named "Man of the Year" by Citizen Magazine (think: People's Man of the Year). But that shared title is the only thing these books have in common.

Yours in Scandal is about The Politician, and is a classic Lauren Layne NYC love story, with fancy parties and elegant cocktail bars.

Yours to Keep is about The Athlete. It takes place in small (fictional) town in Hudson Valley.

What these books do have in common? They're fun, poignant romantic comedies that I hope will make you smile.

Man of the Year

Addie & Robert

Olive & Carter


About Book Three

Yes, originally this was planned as a trilogy: 

The Politician (Yours in Scandal)
The Athlete (Yours to Keep)
The Businessman (Yours for Always)

So, what happened to Book Three?

COVID. I was supposed to be writing Yours for Always in 2020 just as the global pandemic turned our world upside down. Things here in NYC were particularly grim. I could just not get in the proper headspace to write a romantic comedy when Central Park was a makeshift field hospital, a Navy hospital boat was parked just a block away from my apartment, and temporary morgues were set up in my city.

I took several months off, and though I came back to writing, I could not—and still cannot—think about that third Man of the Year book without being taken right back to those painful months.

The book is officially cancelled, and I appreciate your understanding.