The Series

"Fresh and authentic, Layne packs intelligence, wit, and an addictive romance into one fantastic read." —NYT Bestselling Author Cora Carmack


The Redemption series is my only New Adult series, which is a sub-genre romance of contemporary romance that was popular at the time of publication (2013-2014). It features college-age characters, sexier than a lot of YA romances, but with younger characters/situations than classic contemporary romance.

My version of New Adult is on the light-side (other than Broken, which is pretty gritty). These are all retellings of classic tales: Pygmalion, Beauty & the Beast, and The Ugly Duckling, centering around the tumultuous friendship of three estranged friends.

  • These books are rated R and steamy.
  • They're written in alternating, first-person POV.
  • Each one can be read as a standalone, though it's recommended to read in order, as they do build on one another.

Behind the Scenes

Early in my career, my agent came to me as I was hard at work on the Stiletto series, and said:

Have you hear of New Adult Romance? Random House wants to know if you'll write one.

I had not, but I lied and said that I had, and then did some really fast research, and realized it was basically romance set in college.


But, I also noticed that New Adult was very gritty and dark. I read books with suicide attempts, death, paralysis, rape, depression, abuse...they were all well-written, but not what I like to read.

So I put my own spin on these. I based them on fairy-tales, and added a lot of banter and light-heartedness. There are still some gritty topics, especially in Isn't She Lovely and Broken, but my hope is that they also bring a touch of laughter and lightness to your life.