Stiletto & Oxford :: The Series

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For those of you wondering if this is one series or two ...

Sort of ... both?! Stiletto was originally a 3-book series about three women behind the Love & Relationships department of the fictional Stiletto magazine.

3 books became 4, and that fourth book spawned an entire spin-off series about the men of rival men's magazine, Oxford. 

There are technically four Stiletto books and four Oxford books, but the worlds and characters are so intertwined, I think of them as one epic 8-book series!


Book 1

After the Kiss

Julie Greene & Mitchell Forbes

An opposites-attract story about a bubbly party girl and an uptight Wall Street broker who 

Book 2

Love the One You're With

Grace Brighton and Jake Malone

A battle-of-the-sexes story about an incurable romantic trying to find herself after a crushing break-up, and the jet-setting playboy who steals her heart.

Feature 3

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