Lauren Layne

"Romantic Comedy at its finest." —USA TODAY

NYT Bestselling Author


Why Can't I find some of your books in paperback?

Many of my early books were published by a digital-only imprint of Penguin Random House. They aren't available in paperback.

—with Lauren Layne

Will you ever Publish Marc & Elena's stories from the New York's Finest SEries?

I have no plans to extend the New York's Finest series beyond the original three books.

Why are some of your books written in third person, others in first?

It's a mood thing. Different stories come out differently. Often, I don't realize which style I'm writing in until I finish the book, which is why the I Do I Don't and 21 Wall Street series contain both third and first POV books. It wasn't planned.

Do you have a Review team? Where can I get an ARC?

I do not have a review team. ARCs and early copies are distributed at the discretion of my publishers, usually via Netgalley.

I don't Live in the US—how Can I read your books in my language/country?

Unfortunately, I'm not generally notified when a book becomes available in another country/language. Please check your local retailer for availability. I do know that in the UK, Headline Eternal publishes many of my books.

Will you ever write a sequel or epilogue for [my favorite book]?

No. I always appreciate reader enthusiasm for certain characters and series, but after I type The End, I mentally send my characters off into the sunset, and move on to new characters looking for their happy ending.

Where do you get your ideas?

I have no idea. I will say that more than half of them seem to come to me while out for a run, for some reason.

How did you Find your agent?

The old-fashioned way. I wrote a query letter after polishing my first manuscript, did some research on literary agents currently accepting contemporary romance, and sent it out to a dozen or so agents. Nicole Resciniti wrote back saying she liked my voice, and we've been working together ever since.

Why Can't I find You on Social Media?

I'm not on social media. My newsletter is the best way to learn when I have a new book release. Or, if you have Amazon or Bookbub accounts you can follow me on those to get notified of new releases.

Why can't I Find 21 Wall Street or Man of the Year on B&N or Apple?

They are published by an imprint of Amazon Publishing, and the ebook version is exclusive to the Kindle platform.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Yes—limit your intake of advice for aspiring writers. The best way to learn how to write is to write. Studying craft isn't without value, but only good old-fashioned practice will develop your writer's voice. I'm also about to be a hypocrite, because I can't resist sharing that I don't think I'd have gotten an agent or a book deal had I not read this book after finishing my first manuscript.

What happened to your "For Writers" Blog Content?

I took it down for the reasons mentioned in the previous answer. The articles were intended to be helpful, but upon further reflection, many were outdated, some were ego-driven, and none felt relevant to where I am with my career.

Is Stiletto/oxford one series or two?

Technically, per the publisher, two. Stiletto came first, Oxford as a spin-off series. But because the Oxford men are featured prominently in the Stiletto books, and the Stiletto women featured prominently in the Oxford books, I've always thought of it as one big series. The reading order for all nine can be found here.