Will you ever write a sequel for ...

Probably not. With the exception of the Faylin series, which is continuous, cliff-hanger YA fantasy series, I have no plans to write spin-offs or continuations. Honestly, I don't enjoy reading sequels, and I've found I can't write well what I don't enjoy as a reader. Also, stories require tension and conflict; to write a good story, I'd have to reintroduce conflict for couples I've already sent off to happily-ever-after. I can't get excited about that.

Will you ever write Marco & Elena's stories?

Sadly, I don’t think so. The publisher opted not to continue the series, and too many years have passed for me to remember the details to properly continue them via self-publishing. If I do write them, they would likely be as part of a bodyguard spinoff series.

Where can I find [favorite book] in paperback?

Many of my earlier books including the Stiletto & Oxford series, Blurred Lines, and others, are published via Penguin Random House. The publisher owns the print rights. That means they get to decide whether to release hard copies/paperbacks of my books, and they've decided no.

Why are some of your ebooks so expensive?

Because I believe that books are art, and art has value. I believe that the worth of a book has more to do with the content of the story than the paper it was printed on. I believe that you're paying an author not only for the months she spent perfecting that book, but the years she spent honing her craft. I'm not keen on the trend towards "cheap books." I don't think it's right that a novel in any form should cost less than a caramel macchiato. If my books are not worth the price to you, I truly, truly understand and respect this. It means that Lauren Layne books are not the right fit for you, and the good news is there are literally thousands, if not millions of romances out there that are less expensive than mine. If you really want a Lauren Layne book (I'm honored!) check out my 21 Wall Street and Man of the Year. They're published by Montlake (Amazon Publishing) who sells their books for quite cheap; full-price is only $3.99, they're  often on sale for $1.99 and they're free for Kindle Unlimited readers.

How do I get an ARC/review copy of your book?

I'm not doing the ARC thing right now! I know, I know, it's become ubiquitous in author marketing. Breakin all the rules.

LL, where the is Jarod's book?!

Sigh. Hell if I know! When I can write a version of it that's actually good (five drafts so far, all bunk), it'll be in your hands!

Where's the smut, Layne?!

It'll be back! Honestly, I just sometimes get in the mood to write something that's more about the butterflies and sexual tension, less about the sexy scenes. And sometimes I like to write super hot stuff.  Some of my upcoming books are explicit, some are on the sweet side. I won't promise to write them one way or another to please anyone, just that I'll make sure to indicate on this site which is which so you know whether to purchase!

Why are some of your books 1st person, some 3rd, and some heroine-only POV?

🤷🏻‍♀️ I don't know! They just come out that way! I know everyone has very strong preferences on this, but please remember that not everyone's preference is your preference. I once got two back-to-back hate emails within five minutes of each other: one for a reader furious that my latest was in first person, another from a different reader equally furious that my upcoming book was in third. They were both completely adamant about the "best" POV, but with completely opposite preferences. It was an ah-ha moment for me; I will never please everyone, and I'm good with that. I write to tell the best story I can, the best way I know how.

So, I have an idea for a book you should write...

Let me politely, but firmly stop you right there. I write my own ideas, period. And I have more of those than I have time to write in my entire lifetime!

I also believe that if you have an idea for a book that that's strong, you're probably meant to write it yourself! 

 July 19, 2022

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