"The queen of contemporary New York City romance." —Booklist

"The queen of contemporary New York City romance." —Booklist


“A powerhouse romance author.” —PopSugar

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The Mission

My books are generally light-hearted and banter-filled, but they're not afraid to make your heart ache during the Dark Moment. The books vary in heat level from quite steamy to no sex at all. Happily-ever-after is always a non-negotiable.

Every time I sit down to write a story, my aim is actually pretty simple: I write the story I want to read. I love quippy comebacks, accidental hand touches, eye contact that lasts a beat too long and makes the stomach flip, and big, over-the-top gestures at the finale.

The Vibe

The Structure

I'll be honest, realism is never high on my list when I write a romance. I write to entertain, I write to provide an escape. I don't shy away from real life issues, but my stories often have an idyllic, aspirational, and even glam vibe, especially the ones set in NYC.

I structure my books after the classic hero's journey and 90s rom-coms. My characters generally don't get together as a couple until the very end, because once they get together, all of the tension is released. Tension is key. Conflict is key.  If you love pages and pages of seeing the couple in a relationship, I am not the author for you!

October 23rd

What's that? A new Lauren Layne book? Second-chance? Road-trip? Holiday vibes? And enemies-to-lovers?

Oh yeah, and co-written with my husband, based on our rom-com screenplay?

...yup. 😏

More info to come as we get it from the publisher!

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By Heat Level

Most of my stories have explicit sex scenes. A few do not. All have happy endings.

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