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Most of my stories have explicit sex scenes. A few do not. All have happy endings.

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Steamy Romance

The majority of my novels have adult language and explicit sex scenes. I know people tend to have strong preferences about sexy vs. non-sexy, so here are a list of all the ones that are most definitely intended for readers 18+!

Sweet Romance

Non-explict Romance

When I first started writing romance, I included steamy sex scenes. I don't remember consciously making that decision, but I do remember that I thought it was more-or-less expected in contemporary romance, and I wanted to get published. By 2017, I had 30 or so published books, all of them steamy, and...I was surprised to realize I wanted to do something different. That I felt a little bit bored writing sex scenes. I dipped my toe into non-explicit romance with the Central Park Pact series, which do have sex scenes, they're just closed door so you see the lead up, and then the couples have some privacy for the Main Event.

With To Sir With Love and The Prenup, I took it even a step further, and eschewed mention of sex scenes entirely until the finale. 

I know this has upset a lot of my readers who miss the steam. But honestly, I love writing sweet-ish romance. There is so much more I can do with story and plot when I don't have to figure out how to insert (heh) a sex scene at the expected time.

I'm not saying I'll never write another sexy romance. But I'm not saying I'll back off the sweet stories either.

Closed-Door Sex Scenes

Pretty much Chaste