21 Wall Street

The Series

"Clever humor, witty banter, sophisticated settings, and passionate, sigh-worthy romance." —USA TODAY


The official tagline for this series pretty much sums it up:
Meet the new wolves of Wall Street: Manhattan’s most elusive bachelors are about to learn that mixing business and pleasure comes at a dangerous price: their hearts.

This is a series about Manhattan's playboys, the men that work hard, play hard, and who are utterly convinced they'll never be lured out of their bachelor lifestyle.

But you know how that goes...

  • These books are rated R and steamy.
  • They're alternating hero/heroine POV. Hot Asset and Hard Sell are first person, Huge Deal is third person.
  • Each one can be read as a standalone, though it's recommended to read in order, as they do build on one another.

Behind the Scenes

I wrote 21 Wall Street for one pretty basic, selfish reason:

I missed my Oxford guys. As much as I love writing standalones, and as fun as it was to take a softer, more feminine approach in Central Park Pact, in a lot of ways, writing about "hot guys in suits working in a NYC" office feels like coming home to me.

I wanted to write "Oxford, but different." The first two books are written in first person instead of Oxford's third-person (I switched to third person in book three by accident, but when I tried to "fix" it to first person it fell apart, so I left it).

And instead of setting it at a magazine office in midtown, I went downtown to the sexy, high-energy world of Wall Street.

Are these books a realistic look at the Wall Street ins-and-outs. Nope. I don't know much about the stock market, and I didn't really push myself to learn more than the high level basics, because:

These are not books about Wall Street. These books are romance novels in which bachelors find themselves falling in love. And the series is tied together by the friendship among these three men, and eventually, the women they love.

21 Wall Street is an escape to a world where the men are almost obscenely wealthy, the women are successful in their own right, and genuinely kind. The stilettos are tall, the buildings even taller, and the endings are irrevocably happy.