Emergency Contact

A workaholic lawyer forgets to update her emergency contact information and finds herself reluctantly reunited with her ex-husband on calamity-filled road trip … just as he’s getting ready to propose to someone else.

A Standalone Rom-Com

💕 Non-Explicit

"A brilliant rom-com. Whip-smart banter, opposites-attract tension and a madcap series of travel errors makes for a heartwarming and festive holiday read." - Devon Daniels

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

For years, Anthony and I tossed around the idea of writing a screenplay together, and finally one day we said, "You know what? Let's do it!" We drove up to the very picturesque Lake Placid and spent a weekend brainstorming a story about a woman who forgets to update her emergency contact information, and gets stuck with  her ex. Who she kind of sort of hasn't gotten over, even though she doesn't know it yet...

I co-wrote this one with my husband!

Psst...this one is extra special