Lauren Layne

"Romantic Comedy at its finest." β€”USA TODAY

NYT Bestselling Author

Yours to Keep

"A fun romcom about baseball, biology, and unexpected romance [that] should appeal to people who enjoy romcoms and Hallmark movies." β€”Fresh Fiction, Fresh Pick


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β€œI owe you an apology,” Olive said, lifting the hem of her green Haven High T-shirt to wipe the sweat from her face. β€œThis baseball thing is really hard.”

β€œWell, to be fair,” Carter said, propping one foot up on the bench beside her and popping a pistachio in his mouth, β€œyou’ve been making it way harder than it should be. I’ve never seen a third basemanβ€”womanβ€”run quite so much.”

She took a swig of water and glared up at him. β€œThe damn thing just keeps going between my legs.”

He popped another pistachio in his mouth and grinned down at her.

β€œYeah, yeah. I heard it,” she grumbled.



Heat Level: Steamy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Montlake
Series: Man of the Year


When a sprained wrist puts pro-shortstop Carter Ramsey on the bench just days after being named Citizen Magazine’s Man of the Year, he has every intention of enjoying some much needed R&R in his Manhattan penthouse. But when Carter's twin sister tells him his high school sweetheart is newly single, just in time for his 10-year reunion, Carter heads back to his home town with the hopes of winning back the one girl he never really got over. Standing in his way? His ex's stubborn older sister and his former lab partner, who's every bit as annoying as Carter remembers.

Not much has changed since Olive Dunn's days as the mouthy, awkward outcast of Haven High. She's still mouthy, still awkward, still at Haven High (though as a teacher these days), and still wildly protective of her pretty, sweet-natured younger sister. Olive knows the last thing the romantic-minded Felicity needs after her recent divorce is the return of the high school boyfriend who broke her heart. Carter Ramsey was a pain in Olive's side in high school even before he got involved with her sister, and he's only gotten more obnoxiousβ€”and better lookingβ€”with age. As if Olive doesn't have enough to deal with in co-chairing her high school reunion, now she's got to keep the former prom king as far away from her vulnerable sister as possible.

That Carter's back in town is unacceptable. That he's renting the house next door to Olive is unfathomable. That Olive might be falling for the charming jock? Completely, utterly unavoidable.



Man of the Year

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