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Comng July 19, 2022

Lauren Layne returns to steamy romance with this NYC romantic comedy about a free-spirited rebel and a stodgy rule-follower who can't seem to get out of each other's way...

You, Again

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Violet didn’t turn her head, just cut her gaze his way. “Are we going to talk about that kiss, or ignore it like we did the last one?”

He tipped the bottle up to his lips, smiling. But he said nothing.

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You’re playing with fire, little girl,” he says quietly. “I’m not one of your toys, and I’m not interested in what you’re offering.”

“I’m not offering anything.” I retort, even though his words sting. “I like my men more…refined.”

His grin calls my bluff. “You sure about that?”

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One of my steamiest romances

Good Girl

I’ve never been kissed like this. Never been pinned against the wall, my hands held out of commission by strong fingers and even stronger arms. Never had my mouth devoured like it was the best kind of dessert as a firm male body reminded me exactly how female I am.

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My All-Time Bestselling Book

Blurred Lines

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