Sweet Romance

Love stories with no explicit sex scenes.

Sweet Romance

Non-explict Romance

When I first started writing romance, I included steamy sex scenes. I don't remember consciously making that decision, but I do remember that I thought it was more-or-less expected in contemporary romance, and I wanted to get published. By 2017, I had 30 or so published books, all of them steamy, and...I was surprised to realize I wanted to do something different. That I felt a little bit bored writing sex scenes. I dipped my toe into non-explicit romance with the Central Park Pact series, which does have sex scenes, they're just closed door; you see the lead up, and then the couples have some privacy for the Main Event.

With To Sir With Love and The Prenup, I took it even a step further, removed the sex scenes entirely. 

I know this has upset a lot of my readers who miss the steam. But honestly, I love writing sweet-ish romance. There is so much more I can do with story and plot when I don't have to figure out how to insert (heh) a sex scene at the expected time.

I'm not saying I'll never write another sexy romance. But I've been really enjoying the freedom of writing a romance without bedroom scenes.

Closed-Door Sex Scenes

No Sex Scenes